Kristoph Gavin. Ex-Attorney.

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Head Canon

(Infinitely incomplete.)

Kristoph is a quiet, socially isolated man. He focused more on his work than with trivial personal matters. Which, ultimately, lead him to his obsession with success, and later, murder. But he’s still a man of fine tastes, mainly dining out (as he’s a horrid chef in my mind), and practicing the fine art of being a gentleman.

Also, I’m probably one of two people that doesn’t consider him 100% gay…More like 90%.

In this bizarre (and STUPID) universe, he died, in an attempt to escape prison. He was shot in the eye. But thanks to a (secretly one-sided) “relationship” with Dahlia, she was able to bring him back. With this reincarnation she was able to also bring back his eye, but it ended up being someone else’s, resulting in an imbalance in sight.

Before his death, he accidentally knocked his head in his own cell, and from then suffers from patchy amnesia. Strange enough, the only things he’s forgotten concern the relationship he had formed with Phoenix Wright after his incarceration. They shared a surprisingly romantic bond, after the initial bond filled with rage and violence. Being with him caused Kristoph to become incredibly soft, if sappy. But, due to the accident, he’s as cold as he originally was. Love’s not an option anymore.

He trusts no one, and I mean no one. Though, his relationship with Klavier is slowly creeping back into something positive, though it’s still rocky. He’s currently living with him to keep out of public eye.

As children, he despised the little squirt that was his brother, as he got all the attention from their parents. This lead him to spike up his standards of himself, as he wanted to get at least some attention from them in non-creative, more logical forms. He moved to America for college, learning most of his English in Germany, but perfecting it here. He never uses his native tongue as he considers it a form of openness, or weakness, and only reveals bites of words to those he trusts (even a scrap), or in moments of passion and intimacy.

I’ve mentally placed his old home as a small municipality called Haar, which is only 12 km away from Munich. (The reason for this place, out of any nearby, is that commonly when google automatically translates pages, Kristoph’s name usually results in “fog man” or something of the sort. Haar means fogs in Scottish. There’s my train of logic.) Due to the short distance, he often visited the city, and reflects on it quite a bit as an adult.

Other things he will possibly reblog is classical music, other images of Germany, art, or the stray chair. Sounds bizarre but as stated in his cell, he had little concern for the outside world, other than chair technology. Old habits die hard.

Considering Apollo, he was in a secret relationship with him when his badge was still present. He acted sweet and charming to his apprentice, but ultimately used him for his own sexual greed… And yet, he adored him in a sense, for being someone so pure and confident. But if his mood wasn’t pristine, his dominance in the bedroom (or office, even), would turn dark and harmful. Sometimes he would enjoy mentally torturing him, behaving kindly one moment, then cruel the next. He misses him a bit, but wouldn’t really confess it. So instead of treating him nicely, his only contact with him is negative.