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Oh, my dearest love…!

Desperately, she tosses the pistol aside and throws herself into her “beloved’s” arms. The only one who can truly control this hell-bent monster is the Devil himself, it seems…

-With only an expression of pure relief and adoration, he holds her close, whispering silky sweet words into her ear.-

You’re the only one I care about, süßer. -His soft lips make contact with her softer cheek, holding her jaw for proper aim.-

Only one in the world…

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Because you interest me. Is that alright?

I ruined your life, remember…?

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For every “★” I get, I will post a fact about myself.
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And if I do?


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forgotten-legend replied to your post: Try and get some rest then.

Good. You need it.

Why are you caring so much? I thought we our terms were far from positive. It’s as if you want to be “friends,” but without quotation marks.

forgotten-legend: Try and get some rest then.

All I’ve been doing is rest. I’ve barely moved today, in truth.

forgotten-legend: That's good. You're feeling well?

Tiny bit under the weather. Thank you for your concern.


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You’re an awful kisser.

I am not!!!!

Only a kiss on the cheek? How rude.

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forgotten-legend: You never answered my question.